Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to Add More Friends on Facebook?

How to add more friends on Facebook

  People always ask me ‘Wow! You’ve so many friends. How did you manage to get them?’ I act modest and just shrug off the question.

….Now, I’d love it if that was the case with me. Sadly, it isn’t because I believe in having a small circle of friends who are ‘genuine’. I used to have 500-800 friends before but I trimmed off to just 190-240 now because I felt guilty about not knowing 80% of them :P.

  But, I thought, why not give some advice to some people interesting in seeing their friends list grow exponentially. So, here we go à

Here is a list of the ways in which you can increase your friends list à

1.       Add people with whom you have a mutual friend : This is possibly the best method to get your friend request accepted by a stranger. Just add those people with whom you have atleast 1 mutual friend. They’ll probably think that they know you and accept the friend request. Just click on “Find Friends” on the top right hand side of the facebook page and start sending friend requests to all those people with whom you have atleast one mutual friend. Once they accept, go on adding people in their friends list. Soon, your chances of getting your friend request accepted are going to rise and rise.

2.       Search for groups which says “Add meeee!!” : This is yet another lucrative opportunity. You can join groups like these and if it’s a big group. You’re bound to see minimum 20-30 people posting things like “Add me!”. When you see something like that, just add them and they’ll accept your friend request without a second thought.

3.       Play games like ‘farmville’ : There are hundreds of games which need you to have neighbours as they’ll help you in advancing faster. You might play one just for the sake of adding friends. Join one of these groups and send them a friend request with Farmville as the object of interest and once they accept, it’s up to you, whether you want to play the game or not.

4.       Search for people with similar interests : If you are interested in some hobby then, join a like page or a group which contains members with similar interests. Start discussing there and make your presence know. Once you do so, send friend requests and if they’ve seen you at the group making insightful comments, they’ll probably want to know more about you and add you.

…Bookmark this page as I’ll be adding more ways soon…Stay Tuned :D 

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